Riverwest is primarily a residential neighborhood located west of the Milwaukee River and east of Holton Street, situated south of Estabrook Park, between Milwaukee’s East Side, Brewers’ Hill, Williamsburg Heights, and Harambee neighborhoods. The main east-west arterial streets are Capitol Drive, Locust Street, and North Avenue. Riverwest connects to the East Side via bridges. The main north-south arterial streets are Holton Street and Humboldt Boulevard, connecting Riverwest to the downtown area, the lower East Side (specifically Brady Street), and suburban Shorewood. Along with those streets, Locust, Center and Burleigh Streets are the major east-west corridors where cafes, bars and shops have become very popular destinations.

“If you’ve spent any significant time in Milwaukee, chances are you’ve visited Riverwest, the bohemian ‘hood just west of the Milwaukee River, home to the interminably cool Fuel Cafe, the Florentine Opera, Foundation Tiki Bar and one of the oldest bowling alleys in the Midwest. Known as an incubator for cooperatives and breeding ground for artists and musicians, it’s one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods — socially, racially, and economically”. Erin Peterson

This apartment home, located directly across from Kilbourn Park (Historic Kilbourn Reservoir), and has long been a favorite open space for the residents of the near north neighborhoods of Milwaukee. The park is a popular gathering place, a place to recreate and relax, and a spot to take in the view; it is the highest point in the City of Milwaukee.

Riverwest Statistics

Population: 12,001
Median Age: 28.5
Median Household Income: $37,400
Average Home Price: $127,900
Parameters: Riverwest is bordered by the Milwaukee River on the east and north, Holton Street on the west, and Capitol Drive on the south.

Walk Score 86
Transit Score 54

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