Our Mission

To invest, develop, construct, and manage real estate assets professionally and profitably with integrity and focus, consistent with community vision, in markets in which we areconsidered experts.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to meeting the demands Milwaukee’s growing rental market and creating exceptional lifestyle opportunities for our residents. Our rental homes feature high quality finishes, lifestyle amenities, and a social conscience for conservation and sustainability. MKEView’s experienced team brings a proven track record that delivers results for our residents, partners, shareholders and community stakeholders.

We have been fortunate to develop great relationships with many valued partners, and look forward to expanding on those existing relationships and building new ones. The experience of our people, their innovative thinking, our commitment to quality and a culture built on trust will continue to be the foundation of the properties that we develop, construct, and own.

MKEView takes its relationships and responsibilities with its customers very seriously. We encourage an environment of professionalism where deeply felt principles and values guide everything we do. We bring passion and purpose to our work, and are committed to providing the highest level of service to our residents, partners and employees.

We believe that achieving our goals is dependent upon our intellectual capital. We are heavily focused on attracting talented people, on recognizing and rewarding excellence, and, most importantly, providing the opportunity for our people to grow through significant investment in their career and their personal development.

Family Legacy Business

Family PhotoMKE View was founded as a Family Legacy Business. We believe that being a successful Family Legacy Business requires that the accomplishments, beliefs, actions and guidance we demonstrate in our lives today must carry forward to future generations in a fashion which allows current family members to adopt and adapt them to make their lives more meaningful and fruitful. Through our dedication to operating a successful family business, we will leave behind a legacy of stewardship that will empower all of those that follow us.

Our Crew



    Responsible for leadership and company vision.


    Director of Finance & Investments

    Responsible for financial strategy, acquisition & investments across real estate portfolio.


    Business Manager

    Responsible for day-to-day management of our business office, leasing, and advertising.


    Creative Manager

    Responsible for design development and coordination with architects and designers.


    Maintenance & Security Manager

    Responsible for 24/7 on-call property maintenance, security, safety, and contractor supervision.